Welcome to the circus, motherfucker!

this is a work in progress, but im pretty sure it's going to actually start looking good soon lol

this site will eventually have more pages and stuff about me and my interests, and might be optimized for most browsers and (maybe) mobile down the line!

(yes i know i keep changing the background like every 2 weeks im very indecisive lmao)


this site is MIKU APPROVED INTERNET PRIVACY NOW! You were diagnosed with GAY No Nazi, No Facism, No Racism Piracy Now! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 NFT, No Fucking Thanks! you're telling me a queer coded this This Site Best Viewed With PEPSI

links to my socials n stuff!

Pixel art GIF of Pikachu from Pokémon drilling with a jackhammer underneath a sign reading 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'

i made a counter of how long me and my gf have been together!!!♡♡♡

♡ We've been together for: ♡
Autism TBH creature dancing with confetti Autism TBH creature with text above reading 'idk' cat drinking water from water bottle and getting splashed cat sniffing burger and making a funny face
GIF of a cat laying on the floor running on a pillow causing it to spin, with the caption 'this website is powered by this generator' above pixelated drawing of a snuggly cat with text reading 'place him on your site immediately'

here's what my site looked like in it's first week of development lol